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English Masterlist

A masterlist of my English works because I found I have more non-Italian readers than I would ever admit have thought. (Last updated: april 2013.)

-- Non-RPF fics (newest first)

Just Wanna Move Ya But You're Froze Up [Sherlock (BBC)] [NC-17, John/Sherlock]
Cold as ice.

In The Middle Of Nowhere [Sherlock (BBC)] [PG-13, Sherlock/Irene]
A scent of gunpowder and chocolate.

Just Move On, Get It Over [House, MD] [PG-13, Chase, House]
It's raining tears from the clouds in his eyes.

-- In-Universe fics (newest first)

Crveno [NC-17, Dejan Stanković/Marko Pantelić]
Jumping backwards from 1994 (Dejan moving from Teleoptik to Red Star in early summer, Marko moving from Red Star to Iraklis Thessaloniki after a few weeks) to 2003 (Pantelić's first Serbia&Montenegro call-up, less than a year before his coming back in Belgrade) to 2011. | Boys are all the same, at sixteen.

Something I haven't already heard [R, José Mourinho/Zlatan Ibrahimović]
Another prompt from commentporn. (A WILD OTP APPEARS.) | "Don't look at me like that."

Don't Let It Break Your Heart [NC-17, Bojan Krkić, Josep Guardiola, Jose Ángel Valdés, José Mourinho, Zlatan Ibrahimović in various combinations]
Bojan Krkić has closed his eyes as well as his heart when he arrived in Rome. Love knocked many times stubbornly.
José Mourinho has started playing another straightforward mindgame. Love made the first move, though.
Josep Guardiola has realized his biggest error of his life. Love kept going, making his heart bleeding.
Zlatan Ibrahimović has sworn to help his archenemy. Love asked him that promise, and he said 'yes'.
Jose Ángel Valdés has wondered about his true feelings. Love explained him patiently.


Denying Gravity [R, Cristiano Ronaldo/José Mourinho]
Another prompt from commentporn. Author's not used to deal with them in this way, as he thinks they both belong to other people. Please mock him fairly, kthx. (I love the pun in the title.)
monochrome | dietrolequinte | footballslash

Feels Like Fire [R, Mario Balotelli/Davide Santon]
Another prompt from commentporn.

Wicked Heaven [R, Mario Balotelli/Alberto Paloschi/Davide Santon]
Davide needs five minutes of sexting to lure any of them in a sinful trap.
monochrome | dietrolequinte

You just get lost (There's nothing else I can say) [NC-17, Paolo Cannavaro/Ezequiel Lavezzi]
Lecce is burning and AC is broken. Someone is ready for a bad move in an already out of control game.
monochrome | dietrolequinte

Hear you breathing [R, Frank Lampard/John Terry, José Mourinho]
"You were not a boy anymore when you crossed London and joined Chelsea". Covering a long span time, from 2001 to somewhere in the Twenties.
monochrome | dietrolequinte | footballslash

And I saw sparks [PG-13, Xavier Hernández/Andrés Iniesta]
Set after the 36th week of La Liga, 2004-2005. Feelings drowning in sangria.
monochrome | dietrolequinte | footballslash

As I chase the sun [PG-13, Javier Zanetti/Francesco Toldo]
Francesco cannot even remember the last time they played on Sunday afternoon.
monochrome | calcioriffic | dietrolequinte

There's nothing left to talk about unless it's horizontally [R, Dejan Stanković/Diego Milito/Thiago Motta]
Couples are breaking, desire is striking: Dejan Stanković for the win.
monochrome | backliners | dietrolequinte

Hot 'n' Cold [PG-13, Davide Santon, Mario Balotelli, Dejan Stanković]
He's trying to be a friend, rather than something else.
monochrome | backliners | dietrolequinte

True Colors [R, Sinisa Mihajlović/Dejan Stanković]
Their careers interwined with each other since they first met. And then their lives did, too.
monochrome | backliners | dietrolequinte

Close-minded [R, Diego Milito/Thiago Motta]
There's something Thiago never said.
monochrome | backliners | calcioriffic | dietrolequinte

You can be a sweet dream [R, Josep Guardiola/Bojan Krkić]
Bojan understands things Pep doesn't.
monochrome | backliners

I thought the sun rose in your eyes [R, Diego Milito/Thiago Motta]
Thiago shares again the room with Diego.
monochrome | backliners | calcioriffic | dietrolequinte

My tears have all dried (it's your turn now to cry) [PG-13, Christian Panucci/Alberto Paloschi]
Somewhere over the rainbow around November 2009.
monochrome | backliners | calcioriffic | footballslash

But I don't want you to hide [PG-13, José Mourinho/Zlatan Ibrahimović]
Somewhere around 2012. It isn't the end of the world at all.
monochrome | backliners | footballslash

sadness/rage [PG-13/R, Josep Guardiola/José Mourinho, Zlatan Ibrahimović/Davide Santon]
«I feel sick.» // «The traitor is here?»
monochrome | backliners

I used to rule the world [PG-13, Gianluigi Buffon/Júlio César]
He could just see the rerun of the show.
monochrome | backliners | calcioriffic

-- Alternate Universes (newest first)

Bound To Nature [NC-17, José Mourinho/Josep Guardiola]
HP!AU. Sirius Black has escaped from Azkaban. Half the Aurors of the Ministry have been charged with patrolling possible hideouts for a fugitive.
monochrome | dietrolequinte

You gave up (We gave up) [PG-13, Iker Casillas/Kakà]
Church!AU. Friendship and complicity, intimacy and teamwork, and love, all shattered with the first stone Ricardo casted, even if he wasn’t without sin.
monochrome | dietrolequinte | footballslash

Stalked in the forest (Too close to hide) [PG-13, Iker Casillas/Sara Carbonero, dragon!Xabi Alonso]
I set a course for winds of fortune (Hungry like the wolf)!AU. About dragons' fine aging, important proposals and first encounters.
monochrome | dietrolequinte

Walking on broken glass [R/NC-17, Josep Guardiola/Bojan Krkić, José Mourinho/Bojan Krkić]
Cop&Hooker!AU. «I didn’t ask for it» [...] «I did.»
monochrome | backliners

-- Androids!AU (correct reading order)

Generation gap [PG-13, Javier Zanetti/Marco Andreolli]
Somewhere in an universe where the unfortunate victims are plandroids (plastic androids, or player androids, make your choice wisely).
monochrome | backliners | calcioriffic | footballslash

Stack Overflow [PG-13, Dejan Stanković/Cristian Chivu, Javier Zanetti/Francesco Toldo]
Somewhere in the same universe of 'Generation Gap', where the unfortunate victims are plandroids (plastic androids, or player androids, make your choice wisely).
monochrome | calcioriffic

-- Matthews High!AU (correct reading order)

The Man's Too Strong [NC-17, Christian Panucci/Alberto Paloschi]
Boarding school AU. The best student of the fourth year at Matthews High got injured. His History teacher got a chance.
monochrome | calcioriffic | dietrolequinte | footballslash

Les Boys [PG, Alberto Paloschi, Mario Balotelli, Davide Santon]
Boarding school AU. Smoking is forbidden at Matthews High.
monochrome | dietrolequinte
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